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What is a QR Code Doorbell?

  • Print off your doorbell QR code and stick it to your door
  • Visitors scan the code with their phones
  • You get an alert via email or via phone call to let you know that someone's at the door
  • Privacy conscious - no video stream of you and your home being broadcast online
  • Your visitor doesn't ever see your contact details
  • Notify up to 3 email addresses for free, or upgrade to premium for phone call alerts and sms messages


This product was developed by a couple of Aussies/Swedes as the buzzer on our 3rd floor flat was broken.  It worked so well we thought we'd make it available for you to use, too.

If you want to get started immediately and print your own code, just head to our website at

Instructions for use:

  • Grab your phone and go to to create an account=
  • On your phone open the camera app or your QR reader app
  • Scan the code on the included card and open the link
  • Tap the big CLAIM button and fill out the required details to set up your doorbell - be sure to include at least one phone number or email address to be alerted when the bell is rung
  • Make sure you save your changes by pressing the CREATE DOORBELL button at the bottom of the form to complete claiming the doorbell card
  • Pin the card to your door or building entrance where it can be seen.  Now, when a visitor scans it, you'll be notified with an email or phone call

Email alerts are free on all of our QR doorbells.

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