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NagTag Worksite Reminder Kit

NagTag Worksite Reminder Kit

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NagTag is a worksite reminder system that uses physical reminder cards to remind you to do important things.

If there’s something you need to remember later, hang a NagTag next to it.

At the end of the day, if all of the tags have been returned to their sleeve, you know you haven’t forgotten to do something important.

Examples on the worksite:

  • Tag a spill that needs to be cleaned later
  • Splash some paint in the wrong spot? Tag it and come back to clean it later
  • Tag wheel chocks so you remember to remove them before driving off at the end of the day
  • Tag equipment you must remember to bring inside to protect it from weather

Examples at home:

  • Leaving early for a trip? Place tag your bait, rods, cooler, ice, and lunch so that you don’t forget anything!
  • Trying to build a morning routine? Tag your morning todo items (medicine, coffee, important papers to take to work, laptop, etc)

Order now to receive your NagTag kit, including:

  • Nagtag sleeve and lanyard
  • 5 reusable yellow tags
  • 1 reusable white card for notes
  • Marker for writing on cards


We also have an app version - snap a pic of the thing you need to remember, and the NagTag app will nag you about it with notifications until you mark it as done.

NagTag for Apple iPhone and iPad

NagTag for Android Devices


Please note that the appearance of your NagTag kit may differ slightly depending on the available materials (they're handmade in the UK!).

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