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Aryuyu Identify Verification Card Set

Aryuyu Identify Verification Card Set

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Social Media and AI means that anyone can impersonate you - right down to your voice.

You've left voice samples everywhere. In your Instagram and TikTok Videos, in voicemails, and even from telemarketer phone calls themselves.

Scammers take these recordings and use them to build an exact copy of your voice.

Scammers monitor social media for information to impersonate you. They can see where you've been, who you know, and what you've talked about.

When they've got enough information, and they know you're on holiday and out of reach, they can step into your shoes...

Your vulnerable friends and relatives are their target.

By impersonating you using your voice, and talking about things you have posted on social media, scammers can be very convincing. They might pretend that you need money due to an accident, or make fake ransom demands. They only need to be convincing for a few minutes to get a panicked loved one to send them money.

It's not paranoia - it's happening right now.

ARYUYU is a simple ID card system designed to help prevent impersonation scams by providing a way for you to prove that you're you (and your contacts are who they say they are).

Here's how it works:

Our kit includes a unique set of 5 cards. The owner ID card has a list of 7 numbered words. The 4 verification cards each have 3 of the words from the owner's card on them. Each set is uniquely identified with an additional set ID.

Once you've given an identification card to someone else, they can ask you to confirm which word appears at which position on their card, by using the complete information printed on your owner ID card.

Used correctly, it's almost impossible to fake.

ARYUYU cards are 100% offline, meaning that the information on them can't be leaked via your email account or your cloud storage. Provided you don't disclose what's on your card, and all of your verification cards aren't compromised, it is very difficult for an impersonator to get around.

Asking a relative to confirm some facts used to be enough - but now, the internet is full of historical data, including birthdays, maiden names, birthplaces, and even stories that could be re-told by an impersonator to gain trust.

So, if someone comes asking for money...
Give your verification cards to your loved ones before you travel. Make sure they know if someone claiming to be you comes asking for money or acting suspiciously, that they should follow the instructions on their ARYUYU verification card.

What's in the box?

Each set contains 1 identity card and 4 verification cards (that's 1 card for you, and 4 to share).

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